Peppermint Body Wash Recipe- and a little dose of Excitement!!


I’m not sure if its the peppermint essence or the last episode of Season 1 Revenge (Yes! I am behind but please don’t tell me what happens next!!) has got me going crazy at bedtime,  but I just have to yell at you through my blog words…


I just made the most amazing homemade recipe to date. Believe me I have made quite alot of random stuff.. Whipped body butter, dish soap, washing powder, deodorant, the list goes on;  but this, my friends, takes the cake!
My usual skin care regime involves an organic store bought facial cleanser, alternated with the oil cleansing method on my really grimy days (they are surprisingly frequent in Port Hedland!) Which is then follwed by rosehip oil as a moisturiser or my amazing Bee Venom mask. That is another blog post right there! Maybe next time?


If you can get past the re-used dingy bottles and the unusual wee yellow colour, you can find some beautiful stuff in these bad-boys.

Castille Liquid Soap – As it is made from olive oil, it is completely chemical free and safe to be absorbed into the skin. Castille soap has many advantages, one being that is mild and moisturisng- perfect for those with sensitive skin. It also gives a lathering quality that you would find in most other facial cleansers.

Fractionated Coconut Oil- My new favorite oil- Perfect for those that find regular coconut oil a bit too greasy for the skin. The difference between the two is that the fractionated brother has had all of its long-chain fatty acids removed, making it lighter and more  easily absorbed. It is also used in other recipes as carrier oil. Which meeeeeeeeans it will blend perfectly with the next ingredient.  You guessed it..

PEPPERMINT. My most favorite thing In the ENTIRE world. Perfect in everything. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate smoothies oh and more chocolate!  Chocolate everything will do!  Peppermint essence is not just fabulous to eat, but it is actually good for you. it has been used for centuries as a part of many calming and stress relieving tonics. Now you can find it used for helping with headaches, aches and pains and even respiratory issues such as coughs, colds and asthma. What I like the most is it’s ability to improve memory function… Especially on those Dory days.

There you have it! Three ingredients.  No nasty chemical surprises and added benefits! What more could you ask for? Well some chocolate wouldn’t hurt… :-p

Peppermint Body Wash

1 cup of Liquid Castille Soap
1 tablespoon Fractionated Coconut Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil, to taste, or another essential oil of your taste.

Mix all ingredients together in a pump-top bottle, shake very gently to combine.
Fractionated coconut oil has a sturdy shelf life, so it should last you 6-12 months. 
I doubt it will last that long though!

Enjoy, friends.


Chillin’ out with a Mix from Vix!

Hi everyone!

I am feeling much better since my last post, I am sorry if I scared anyone with my language!
It was such a frustrating and scary thing to be told that you have PCOS, and there is no real ‘fix’. It sucks. Big time but hey! Life goes on, and there are definitely people out there suffering from far worse things, so I sucked it up pretty quickly.
I have been told that is a very common thing to be diagnosed with! Most of the people I have spoke to have it or knows someone that is suffering from it. Each one has their own success story (eventually) after several thousand dollars of treatments such as IVF, using chemical treatments involving Clomid and Metaformin- with varying sick side effects.
I want this to be my absolute last resort.   Everyone wants that quick fix whether is a weight loss pill or a cancer drug or an iron supplement.  Why can’t a doctor ask why we are suffering from these problems and delve into the underlying issues!
Here is where I am a bit different.  The first thing I did was book an appointment to see a herbalist. As I live in a remote mining town 1600 kilometers from the nearest city,  It was hard for me to find one, but I did!
I completed a health survey to start with on the Herb Factory website,  and followed up with a few emails to Debbie,  the owner, herbalist and asbestos poisoning survivor!
We had our first appointment via telephone on Saturday and I am really pleased with the plan I have come out with.
Debra is located in Mullaloo,  Perth- she knows her herbal stuff. She has been battling with her own sickness,  taking control of her situation by the balls (so to speak) completely healing herself with natural therapies.
I have ordered a few of her tonics- a hormone refresher and an anti-d formula.
Before I start that, hopefully on Wednesday,  I have got an essential oil blend to help my body to just chill the eff out.
All of the following ingredients are readily available from your local chemist. 

-Chill Out Mix with Vix-


50ml Olive, Sweet Almond or Coconut oil
20 drops Clary Sage esssential oil
20 drops Lavender essential oil
20 drops Rose Geranium essential oil

Combine thoroughly and rub on the stomach nightly.

Clary sage is good for: stimulating estrogen production,  premenstrual symptoms, digestion issues, also helps with nervous tension and fear.

Lavender is good for: aiding in relaxation,  and nervous tension.

Rose Geranium is used for: assisting the nervous system,  detoxing and woth premenstrual symptoms. 

I definitely recommend having a squiz at Debra’s website- she has a lot of great information to share! You can find her by clicking here:

Happy herbing!!


PCOS- The death sentence.. or what feels like it.

Excuse the dramatic title but I’m feeling quite dramatic right now.

Yesterday the doctor confirmed that I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which basically means there is something wrong with my ovaries;  being either genetic or to quote the scientific opinion of my doctor,  “It just happens”.

It causes:

-Weight gain- check
-Irregular women cycles- check
-Infertility- yep. Thats a check too.The list goes on..

Depending on what the specialist says in a few weeks time, determines what kind of treatments are avaliable to my situation. It sucks. Big bananas.

I am so frustrated by those that can get pregnant just by looking at a boy! ( I am sorry if this is you, please don’t take it personally :) )

It made me so mad listening to this beautifully pregnant woman doctor telling me I can’t have what she has.  Its not fair. She sent me off with a pamphlet about infertility  and away I went to cry my eyes out in the car. So sexay.

I don’t want treatment!  I want to go back however many years I have had this  for and change that one or many things that contributed so that you, me and the countless other women never, ever have to experience the anguish associated.  Apparently this is very common in women and I shouldnt stress?

Uh hello? You have basically told me that I can’t do the one thing that women are meant to do in life. How is that not stressful to hear??

I had icecream with Baileys poured over for dinner tonight to ease my pain. It didn’t help a single bit, but it did make me realise I can probably make it worse.
So I am doing the opposite from now on. I am going to reverse this shitty syndrome and all of its affects starting right now.
I am going to research the heck outta it and find out what works for me. I welcome you to tag along for the ride!!

I am not usually this sarcastic nor wry so I promise I will go back to sharing lollypops and rainbows shortly- I promise!!!. I think I need to grieve over my ovaries for a bit!

Peace out.



B-School.. What is it all about?

So I may have just spent some money.

Apart from the dreaded grocery shop and the odd trip to K-mart, I did spend my moolah, and a lot of it on Maria Forleo’s B-School.

If you don’t already know, B-School is an 8 week online training program that is meant to help with starting a business and becoming more marketing- savvy. I have been looking into it for a few months now and CANNOT find a single slither of negativity on the course! Apart from the price tag of course, so it made me wonder if it was legit. I then was reading the beautiful Jess Ainscough’s blog ‘The Wellness Warrior’ and she was advertising. Now this girl knows her stuff.. The most inspiring, most intriguing and amazing girl on the interweb right now. this girl was told at the age of 22 she had terminal cancer and to this day, fighting with the power of nutrition. Jess started her blog when she was diagnosed and now she has a business, which was helped by B-School.

I was intrigued.

Today was the last day for sign-up to the program and literally, with 5 minutes before registration closed, I got my welcome email. I am desperately excited to start this course and I hope I will come out on the other side with more knowledge and more confidence in creating my own business.

Business? What business I hear you saying!

Well for the last year or so, I have been on a journey. One in which started with quitting sugar (and failing miserably) then turned into living a frugal life (which is almost impossible when living in the Pilbara) then making my own skin care products, which then turned into selling my own version of  products which contain a lot of nasty chemicals.

The first product of mine is called Deo-no-no. I have sold HEAPS around town, but have a pure passion to expand,  hence the sign up to B-School. I am so passionate about health alternatives and making my own products. My dream is to open my own shop, run it online and be successful and happy.

There. I am putting it out there so it has to come true right?

The course starts next Monday, so please wish me luck, and I will share a recipe with you shortly.

Peace and Love,



Deliriously dandy dish soap

I have been spending the first days of my christmas holiday sick. Yep sounds like fun hey! We are off to Perth to see the family on Friday, so fingers crossed I am better before then! !

I am getting better however,  so I thought I might share a recipe for DIY dish soap. This little baby is the fruit of many hours of research today. I ran out of my regular stuff and refused to go back to the supermarket for the fourth time in two days! !

All but one ingredient is found in the supermarket, which it Castile Soap- however it is easily sourced online.

This recipe has tea tree and eucaluptus essentail oils- which are naturally anti-bacterial and will help keep your pots and pans lovely and germ free.


DIY Dish Soap

1/2 cup of Liquid Castile soap
1 tbls washing soda
1 tbls white vinegar
1/4 tsp tea tree oil
1/4 tsp eucalyptus oil
1 1/2 cups boiling water

Whisk all ingredients (except the water) together in a large bowl.
Add the boiling water and combine to form a lump-free liquid.
Let cool completly before transferring to a regular dish detergent container, and use like normal!

Have you tried making your own household products? How did they turn out? Please share with a comment below :)


Dry Brushing- and I’m not talking about your hair!

Dry brushing fascinates me.

It is not until a few months ago I discovered it, and I am still trying to figure out if I like the feel of it…

“What is this weird thing yo’ talkin’ bout vix?”

No, I do not want you to get your hair brush and use it on your skin… that is kinda weird- keep reading..

In a nutshell, dry brushing dates back to over 5000 years ago, originating in India where a dry bristles were drawn over the skin, following the direction of the circulatory system.

The skin plays a vital role in ridding the body of toxins and impurities. Dry skin brushing is one of the best techniques to open up the pores of the skin, and to stimulate and detoxify the lymphatic system.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and is responsible for one-fourth of the body’s detoxification each day. It also makes it one of the most important elimination organs- you know how much sweat pours out of you on a hot Pilbara summer’s day dontcha kids?!!

Our circulatory system has its own pump (our heart) which moves blood through our bodies- but our lymphatic system does not. It primarily relies on our movement to assist it. Typically, the more active we are physically the better condition our lymphatics will be.

Skin brushing helps move lymph fluid and gives us a jump-start on health. When the pores are not clogged with dead cells and the lymphatic system is cleansed, the body is able to carry out its important function of eliminating toxins and waste material.

Skin brushing helps exfoliate and invigorate our skin too. It increases our blood supply to the area bringing with it nourishment and oxygen. Dry skin brushing will not only help increase circulation and elimination of toxins, but will also make a huge difference to the quality of your skin and it will look and feel healthier.

It is recommended that you dry brush BEFORE a shower, just upon waking from your beauty sleep. following the direction of your circulation and moving toward your heart, make small gentle brush strokes on your skin.

I seem to be getting some relief from by cellulite.. It is early days and I might be always looking at myself in the dark, but I think it has gotten better.. I will let you know in a few weeks though!

I have found an awesome reference guide online, so please, if you want to know more- click here.


Have you ever tried dry brushing? Does it work for you? Please comment below :)


Deliciously decadent DIY conditioner

Lately I have become increasingly interested in finding natural alternatives to all products found in my home after reading somewhere on the net that my generic moisturiser (no naming names!) Contained formaldehyde- this is a main ingredient in paint..

It is also pretty scary to know that the air in the average family home can contain 2.5 times MORE chemicals than the air outside.

Do you know what every single ingredient in every single beauty or cleaning product is made with? Not only this, do you know the potential side efffects that they can cause?

Well do not stress! I will help to decipher all of the mumbo jumbo that can overload the senses from the interweb.. unless I get distracted by fuzzy cats in beanies.. which will probably happen.. in the meantime though, here is a delicious reciped for homemade intensive conditioner!

This little baby is great for all kinds of hair; long, short, frizz ball, wispy, coloured, super mega rockstar style (if that is your thing, I know its mine!).

This recipe came about when a work colleague and I were researching alternatives to Apple Cider Vinegar being used as conditioner.. yes you read me right! I love the stuff… unfortunately my better half will not accept the conditioning benefits of this wonder product-choosing to focus on the smell which I promise you only lasts about five minutes!

Enjoy :)


DIY Conditioner

1 1/3 cup Shea butter (melted and slightly cooled)
1/2 cup oil (I used sweet almond but you could use macadamia, apricot or olive)
1 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil
15-20 drops of essential oil to your taste ( I used lavender and orange but you could use vanilla, coconuts, rose, peppermint, tea tree or anything that tickles your fancy!

1. Once your shea butter is melted and slightly cooled, mix in a medium sized bowl with the oil until combined.
2. Add vitamin E oil with essential oil of your choice and mix well to combine.
3. Store in an airtight container out of direct sunlight. Because of the addition of vitamin E which is a natural preservative, this delicious concustion will last several weeks.

To use:
1. As soon as you enter the shower, apply onto damp hair.
2. Leave on for 2-5 minutes before shampooing.
3. Rinse hair thoroughly.
4. Use 1-2 times per week as an intensive conditioning treatment.

Have you got an awesome recipe to share with me? What do you use to condition your hair? Please share your thoughts below!